Melsom Group, LLC

Innovative Real Estate and Development Solutions


Although, not specifically part of the typically development process, TMG also provides very specific special services, that are a result of the talent, skills, and knowledge that the professionals at TMG have evolved over 25 years in the real estate development industry. Project review and audits are foremost of these services. We have the capability to provide independent third party review of performing or non-performing collateral and assets, memorialize our findings, review with the client, and formulate and execute alternate development strategies as warranted. Likewise, Mr. Melsom, has also acted as an expert witness, and represented 15 various property owners in relative to various eminent domain matters. Lastly, we can assist clients with formulating property disposition strategies, and coordinate with owner’s broker to maximize sales values.

Our Basic List of Services Include:

  • Work Outs with Financial Institutions and other creditors
  • Project Review/Audit
  • Eminent Domain Services
  • Property Disposition Evaluations
  • Re-Development Studies


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