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This first phase of real estate development process involves identifying a need, or needs in the market place, developing a strategy, that defines specific goals and objectives, targeting a site, or multiple sites, and determining the feasibility of a solution(s), prior to proceeding with acquisition and more detailed analysis.

TMG is well versed in all aspects regarding the provision of Pre-Development Services. Our approach involves determining the initial feasibility of a project, prior to advancing the work effort with respect to further design, cost estimates, project economics, financing, schedules, and in-depth market studies. This results in cost savings to our clients, and provides a solid foundation to move forward.

It is our goal to minimize assumptions, and project accurate cost estimate and schedules for our clients, relative to this initial and vitally important phase of the real estate development process. We believe that providing a quality work effort during this phase, will minimize risk to our clients, and create the forces that will effectuate a quality project.

We place special emphasis with working with our clients on the acquisition of both land and fixed real estate assets, having in-depth knowledge of the acquisition process, a result of our involvement in hundreds of acquisitions over twenty-five years. We have the expertise to define, make the initial offer, work through contract negotiation, preparation, and closing, as well as providing attentiveness to all of the details associated with due diligence. Throughout this process, we advise our clients of all of the issues that affect the targeted acquisition, allowing them to make an informed real estate decision that becomes integral to their overall business plan.

We are also well versed and have in-depth experience, in working with owners in the procurement of both financing, and equity. Our experience has evolved in this respect, though loan procurement from FDIC regulated financial institutions, hedge fund and private sources, as well as private equity investors.

Our Basic List of Services Include:

  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Market Studies
  • Needs Assessment Studies
  • Site Selection/Assessment Studies
  • Programming Studies
  • Budgeting
  • Development Schedules
  • Team Procurement
  • Master Planning Studies
  • Facility Evaluations
  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Governmental Approvals
  • Acquisition/Development Loan Procurement
  • Equity Procurement


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