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This phase of real estate development involves the evolution of the projects program and economics through the process of design.

At TMG our philosophy is real estate development projects should be responsive to the needs of the market in location, form, services, and rental/sales structure rates.

As such, we believe that the integral component of this phase is the further refinement and solidification of the team. Our approach is based upon two basic principles, selecting team members that are recognized experts in their own right, adroit with communication, presentation skills, and constantly challenging them to produce ideas that are creative to the needs of the market in a creative and cost effective manner.

Throughout this process we will continue to update and refine the development budgets and schedules, along with construction budgets and schedules, to minimize assumptions, and project accurate cost estimates and schedules for our clients, in an effort to mitigate risk associated with real estate development projects.

We place special emphasis on creating the best team, and ensuring that the right talent has been procured for each specific project, by working with a network of partners, that collectively we have over 25-years working with. We have an efficient and specific methodology for team procurement, and are well versed in negotiating contracts for services with architects and other design professionals, as well as a specific and succinct process to work though the detail of this phase of the process.

Our Basic List of Services Include:

  • Development Budgets
  • Construction Schedules
  • Design Procurement and Coordination
  • Permitting
  • Development Schedules
  • Construction Estimates


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